Instagram Worth USD35 Billion


When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for USD1 billion, the amount was considered staggering. But it is nothing compared to what Citigroup has valued the image sharing app at.

Last week Citigroup had valued Instagram at USD19 billiion. But after Instagram announced that it now has more than 300 million monthly active users, Citigroup has reexamined its previous evaluation and Instagram’s current worth is believed to be USD35 billion.

With over 300 million active users, Instagram now has more users than Twitter (284 million). Its users are also more active than Twitter’s.

“Twenty Fifteen” gets released for Self-Hosted WordPress Site


Here’s comes the new 2015 theme “Twenty Fifteen” for Self-Hosted WordPress site.


  • Simple & straightforward typography
  • Readable on a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Suitable for multiple languages

The new theme has been designed using a mobile-first approach which means that the content takes center-stage, regardless of whether your visitors surf your website via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Download Twenty Fifteen [wordpressdotorg]

Google shows 20 ways to effectively use Reminders in Inbox

This time Google wants you to give a helping hand to use Inbox application effectively so that it might make it easy for you to focus on your priorities by adding Remainders.

Gmail Inbox contains reminders, which are key to organize and have everything available at the required time. This is why a Tim Sohn, Software Engineer has posted an article which shows 20 different Assists–handy pieces of info.

Adding an email address, phone number or link to a reminder


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Clip Art is Dead


As of December 1, the Clip Art and image library has been shut down.

While Microsoft discontinued use of Clip Art as of Office 2013, users could still insert them using the Clip Art option on But now, that option has been replaced by Bing Image Search, which promises high quality up-to-date pictures. Bing also uses a copyright filter based on the Creative Commons licensing system. This ensures the image results Bing provides are royalty free and free to use, share or modify.

To use Bing Image Search in Office 2013 products, click Insert>Online Pictures. In Office 2010 and 2007 products, go to Insert>Clip Art and search for pictures in the menu.

Image Source: Office Blogs

How to Install and Use MultiROM

If you go through XDA-Developers forum, then you’ll definitely come across dozens of great custom ROMs. So instead of flashing each one of them every-time, you can make use of MultiROM feature. MultiROM is an unique customization which lets you to select which ROMs you have installed you want to run. This is definitely going to save a lot of time.

This time XDA TV Producer rirozizo shows off MultiROM Manager on his Nexus 4. Watch this video and you’ll learn how to install the MultiROM feature and add custom ROMs. rirozizo also takes you through the user interface and talks further more about MultiROM.

Source: YouTube via xdadevelopers

Who Tweeted It First: Find Out Who Said it First on Twitter

who tweeted it first

Twitter has become one of the fastest growing social media. With millions of users worldwide, it sometimes might get very difficult to find out the actual user who first tweeted a particular tweet which took your interest.

For e.g., If you want to know the original source of a news circulated in the twitter, it is definitely going to be a hard time finding out the real author. So in that case you might want to use this online web service, WHO TWEETED IT FIRST developed by Amit Agrawal.

How it works? All you have to do is enter the search keywords, or link, and the web service will automatically find the first tweet that contains the term. It’s that easy.

JavaRa: Deploy, Update and Remove Java Runtime Environment (JRE) [Windows]

JavaRa is a small tool which helps you to easily deploy, update and remove the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). When all other methods fail, this tool can be used instead for repairing or removing Java.


This tool can be best used as a JRE Removable Tool: that deletes files, directories and registry keys which are directly associated with JRE. The basic features of this tool are: quickly updating JRE, cleaning logs and temporary files created by JRE, complete uninstalling of JRE.

This tool come from the developer of CCEnhancer & MetroTextual.

Download Link | JavaRa

MetroTextual, A high-performance Text Editor [Windows]


Notepad has always been the default code editor for Windows. And incase we wanted a more powerful editor, we’ve been usually using Notepad++ since it comes with tons of amazing features.

But if you’ve ever wanted a text editor as smart as Notepad++ along with Metro Style, then MetroTextual might be the best one for you. This text editor is a high-performance Windows text editor which inspired by Microsoft’s Metro Style design.


metrotextual features

The editor might look feature-light but comes with advanced code editing features including: Syntax Highlighting, Beautiful User Interface, Lighting Fast, Impressive Compatibility, Markdown Editor, File Recovery etc.

This editor comes from the developer of CCEnhancer, a small tool which adds more cleaning options to CCleaner.

Download Link | Official Site