How to Share Your Files Directly From Terminal Window

These days it has really become easy to share your files with your friends. There are numerous files sharing sites where you can upload and share your files. Google Drive and OneDrive are the best services available.

But, these sites require you to log in to your account and then only you can play with your files. What if you could just share your files directly from your shell or terminal?

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How to Display a Continue Reading Link in WordPress Excerpts

It is good to use excerpts (a short description of a post) in your WordPress blog instead of showing full post in homepage, category page, or archive page. Using excerpt helps to prevent duplicate content and improves site overall load time.

Our blog also makes use of this feature. And today we will see how to automatically show “Continue Reading” link below every post in WordPress excerpts.

continue reading link in wordpress

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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2014


In these last years, Google Chrome users have increased rapidly due to Chrome’s flexibility and availability of huge numbers of extensions. These extensions help to simplify the complicated tasks to make the web a better place.

So this time we have come up with a great list of best Google Chrome Extensions for productivity in 2014. We’re sure these extensions increase your web productivity and make your web surfing easier.

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34 Free Resource for Learning Data Structure and Algorithms

In computer science and engineering, Data Structure and Algorithms is an essential topic. You get to learn about various data structures like array, union, tagged union, records, hash table, set, graph, objects. Data structures are the means of managing huge numbers of data efficiently. And efficient data structures results into development of efficient algorithms.


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