Know the Real Speed of Your Internet Connection

When you first subscribe for internet connection, the operators offers various KBs and MBs packages. And after you sign the contract, the same operator tells you that you might not get the exact number of internet speed as promised due to various factors.

ethernet cables

And the real pain comes, when the internet speed slows, and you do not have idea about the amount of internet speed you are getting. At that time, these third party online bandwidth checker may come in handy.

Download Speed and Upload Speed

You must always be familiar with these two terms. The first one is the speed you get while downloading a content from web. And the second refers to the speed at which you can upload a content, for example, when you upload images or videos on Facebook.

All of these tools are simple to use. Most of them has “odometer” styled user interface, which shows your internet connection speed in kbps or mbps. Higher the number, the faster your internet connection.

  • I recommend speedtest the most. Simply open the site, and click ‘Begin Test’ button. Besides speeds, speedtest also provides ping data, and allows you to share the result in various social sites.
  • The next is Bandwidthplace, which is more or less like speedtest.
  • CNET has also developed similar internet speed testing tool. Here you get to select the location of your network, for example, home, work or school. The results shows up in kbps.
  • SpeedOf.Me must be first of it kind, because it is HTML5 powered. That means you won’t need Flash or Java for it to work. Nowadays, most of the browsers support HTML5 technology.
  • In the list, the last one is broadbandspeedtest, works fine just like others and you get the results in mbps.

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Sometime you may happen to have a Microsoft Word file which you want to publish somewhere on the web or on your blog. But its not so easy as you might think. Because you are going to have problem with the format of the Word file content.

At that time this online tool, word2cleanhtml, may come in handy. word2cleanhtml is a free converter for documents created by MS Word and similar office software. The tool strips out invalid or proprietry tags leaving behind clean HTML for further use.

convert word document to clean HTML

Using this tool is very simple, you just have to paste the document in the blank space and choose the appropriate options according to your needs and proceed by clicking “convert to clean HTML” button.

Most of the South Asian Countries listed as “Facebook Like Farm”

After the popularity of Facebook, “Social Media Marketing” trend was established, and which even increased after the social network brought the idea of “Business Page”. After all these years, Business Page has helped many multinational companies, young & enthusiast entrepreneurs and celebrities in their promotion. Despite so many advantages, there is an issue going around about “Facebook Likes”.

Facebook Like

At present time, Social Media marketing is an essential term for companies and brands. Facebook and some other advertising companies have compelled everyone to FB Likes as Social Media Marketing. So companies spend millions in advertising, but in reality they end up getting fake Likes.

Thinking to get attention of larger mass, brands & companies buy Facebook “Likes”. And they get it. But researchers claim that most of these likes are fake. The video below mentions Nepal, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh as “Facebook Like Farm”.

According to this video, sites like Boostlikes provide around one thousand likes at $70. These sorts of services run “Like Click Farm” in mainly South Asian countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan etc whose main motto is to like client’s pages at certain rates. But it is strictly against Facebook’s policy to buy and sell Likes.

In Facebook advertising most of the likes comes from South Asian countries, with only 2-5% likes from remaining world. After spending some amount, one can easily get thousands of likes but the engagement of users is only limited to 1-2%. Then what is the use of those likes, if the updates via that page is limited to only 10-20 users.

Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology correspondent from BBC conducted an experiment for testing genuinity of these Facebook Likes by placing adverts designed to get people to “like” it. And the result was..

[quote]A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain “likes” from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products.[/quote]

Rather than going after the total number of likes, one must focus on the Content. If you are running any business and thinking of subscribing Facebook advertising for its promotion, I would recommend you to think once again.

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