Here is a non-exhaustive list of my non-research projects. My research work can be found here.

Projects carried out during Master's

  • Wrote web-based competition platforms for The Travelling Salesman Problem and The Knapsack Problem
    This task was carried out voluntarily for the EngQuest 2019 competition (JNU). The platforms could be accessed thorugh a network and multiple groups could compete against each other.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for Nepali Language
    Text cleaner, text stemmer, sentence tokenizer and word tokenizer.

  • Fabrication of Microstrip Patch Antenna [GitHub Repo]
    A Microstrip Patch Antenna designed in MATLAB, simulated in Computer Simulation Tool (CST) and fabricated in Lab. Project carried out as a part of the course Wireless Sensor Networks.

  • Inventory Management System [GitHub Repo]
    A complete Inventory Management System, written in PHP and MySQL. Project carried out as a part of the course Database Management Systems.

Projects carried out during Bachelor's

  • Noise Buzzer
    An embedded system capable of detecting noise, and triggering sound alarm whenever the noise is above a certain threshold value. Project carried out as a part of the course Embedded Systems.

  • Inventory Management System for DoCSE
    A Java based inventory management system, designed as per the requirements of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE), Kathmandu University.

  • Duckworth-Lewis Calculator
    An android application to calculate revised cricket scores after a game is interrupted due to rain.

  • Photochautari
    A web based social networking platform for amateur photographers, written in PHP and MySQL.

  • GetMeTickets
    A web based bus ticket reservation system, written in PHP and MySQL.

  • Car Racing Game
    A C language based 2D car racing game, selected for showcasing at CAN Softech 2013, organized by Computer Association of Nepal.